Weatherization helps low-income households with the installation of energy conservation materials and products to help lower utility bills and maintain a safer, more comfortable home. Assistance is available for eligible owner-and tenant-occupied properties.

We offer a range of free services to qualified families that include an energy audit, safety testing and repair of heating equipment, and the installation of other energy conservation measures.

Treatments that may be done in your home include the following:

  • Installation of attic insulation
  • Air sealing your home with caulk, foam and weather-stripping
  • Insulating your water heater tank with an insulation blanket
  • Replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lights
  • Installing low flow showerheads
  • Providing a furnace/boiler cleaning and tune-up or repairs to the heating system

Who is eligible?

Owner-occupant applicants must prove ownership of the housing unit. For rental units, landlords must prove ownership and also agree to have the work done. Priority is given to clients who are elderly or disabled, and to families with children.

Each house is inspected after the weatherization work has been done to check for quality and completeness.

Income Guidelines

Number of People
in Household
Annual Income
1 $24,280
2 $32,920
3 $41,560
4 $50,200
5 $58,840
6 $67,480
7 $76,120
8 $84,760

How do I apply?

Complete a pre-application and send it to:

LIGHT Intake & Assessment Unit
2700 N. Charles Street, Suite 201
Baltimore, MD 21218

If you have any questions, please contact us at (410) 396-3023.