Housing and Homeownership

DHCD provides a variety of resources and opportunities for homeowners and future homeowners in Baltimore City. 

DHCD also strategically acquires, manages, and disposes of real property to create housing, social and economic development for Baltimore's neighborhoods.

Emergency Mortgage & Housing Assistance Program – Assists Baltimore City homeowners whose homes are at risk of foreclosure due to economic hardship related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Weatherization and Energy Efficiency – Energy efficiency improvements that lower utility bills and make homes safer and more comfortable. 

Housing Rehabilitation and Repairs – Repairs that address emergencies, code violations, and health and safety issues for owner-occupied properties. 

Lead Hazard Reduction – Lead remediation for the eligible owner- and tenant-occupied properties. Households must include a pregnant woman or a child under 6. 

Tax Sale Coordination and Prevention Services – Assists homeowners in avoiding tax sale and in understanding the tax sale process.

Homeownership Incentives - Closing cost and downpayment assistance to make buying a home more affordable.

Adopt-A-Lot Program

Adopting a City-owned vacant lot can improve the living conditions in your neighborhood. You and your neighbors can create a peaceful space for everyone to share. It not only improves your neighborhood, but it also helps the City become a beautiful and productive place to live for everyone.

An Adopt-A-Lot license is a temporary agreement that gives you legal right to steward a City-owned lot on an interim basis. The City has also partnered with the Water Department to give gardeners the opportunity to pay a flat rate of $120 to access water for their adopted lot during the standard garden season.

Donate a Property

Property donation is a way for property owners to release themselves from the liability of an unwanted or too-expensive-to-maintain property. As an alternative to allowing your property to become another unkept or blighted property, consider donating your property to the City of Baltimore. This can help both your own personal interest and the investment of the neighborhood. The owner should be able to pay a fixed settlement expense cost of $600.00 per property.

Our staff includes real estate, tax, and legal consultants who have the expertise to handle property donation. If your property is accepted, we can make the donation process simple and convenient.

 To submit an application to Donate a Property to the City Click HERE.

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