Donate a Property

Property donation is a way for property owners to release themselves from the liability of an unwanted or too-expensive-to-maintain property. As an alternative to allowing your property to become another unkept or blighted property, consider donating your property to the City of Baltimore. This can help both your own personal interest and the investment of the neighborhood. 

Our staff includes real estate, tax and legal consultants who have the expertise to handle property donation. If your property is accepted, we can make the donation process simple and convenient.

In order to donate a property to the City, the property must be free and clear of all non-municipal liens and any open water bills must be paid. Also, the owner of the property is responsible for the cost of settlement, which is a fixed price of $600. Any donation is subject to final approval of the Board of Estimates.  If interested, please submit your application to donate a property and someone from our office will be in touch soon!