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On August 1, 2018, a new law took effect requiring all Baltimore City rental properties, including one- and two-family and multi-family dwellings, to be licensed to operate as a rental by January 1, 2019. In order to receive a license from the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) the property must meet two requirements: 1) be registered with DHCD using the online portal and 2) be inspected by a State Licensed, Baltimore City registered Home Inspector.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lease Addendum (to be provided at lease signing).

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Short-Term Residential Rentals - Here's What You Need to Know

Effective December 31, 2019, all short-term rental properties (properties that rent for 90 or fewer consecutive days) must be licensed.  A homeowner may be issued a short-term residential rental lincense for his or her permanent residence.  A permanent residence is one in which the owner resides for at least 180 days annually.

CLICK HERE for more information on Short-Term Residental Rentals and for instructions on how to apply for a short-term rental license.

Property Owners/Operators

The Baltimore City Code, Article 13, Subtitle 4-2, requires every owner of a non-owner occupied dwelling unit, "whether occupied or vacant, whether it is producing revenue or not producing revenue, whether habitable or not habitable" shall file a registration statement with the Housing Commissioner. This must be done within 10 days of any transfer of the property and every January 1st thereafter.


Landlords Brochure
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Landlords Brochure (Traditional Chinese)
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State Licensed Home Inspectors

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Inspection Forms

Baltimore City Rental License Inspection Form
Addendum to Rental Licensing Checklist for Multifamily Properties
Inspection Checklist Guidance Document

List of Registered Home Inspectors

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Rental Property Resources and Information

Registration and Licensing Requirements Brochure
Baltimore City Rental License Inspection Form
Addendum to Rental Licensing Checklist for Multifamily Properties
Baltimore City Code, Article 13

  • Subtitle 4 – Registration of Non-Owner-Occupied Dwellings, Rooming Houses and Vacant Structures
  • Subtitle 5 – Licensing of Rental Dwellings
  • Subtitle 5 – Licensing of Rental Dwellings

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