Housing and Community Development Permits

Permits within the Department of Housing and Community Development are processed online. Whether it's for residential or commercial construction, alterations, electrical, mechanical, plumbing work, use and occupancy, or private property events, we can help.

You can Apply for a Permit now, or check out the ePlansTimelines for Permit ReviewDo I need an inspection, Green Building ComplianceReporting construction without a Permit, Permits requiring special referrals.

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Do I Need a Permit?

Generally speaking, a permit is needed if you are replacing or significantly altering an item at a property. This includes:

  • Constructing, enlarging, altering, repairing, rehabilitating, demolishing (interior and exterior), or moving any structure
  • Changing, installing, or replacing any Electrical, gas, mechanical, or HVAC&R and Plumbing
  • Changing the use of land, or any structure
  • Performing any grading or excavating
  • Hosting certain types of event on private property

Please review the Guide to Permits Brochure for more details about permits in Baltimore City.


Typically, minor repairs don't require permits unless the item is entirely replaced or significantly altered. Renovations, modifications, and reconstructions always need a permit.  

Please review the repairs that don't require permits for types of work that DO NOT need a permit. 

Before I Apply

Step-by-step guides for the permit you are requesting:

An additional application for an ePlans might be required:

If these don't apply:

Application Requirements

Gather the following information if you know you need a building permit.

  • Full scope of the work to be done.
  • Contractor's name and license number (Maryland Home Improvement (MHIC) license). All electrical, gas, HVAC&R, and plumbing work must be performed by a licensed contractor (Maryland Home Improvement (MHIC) license).
  • PDF versions of any necessary drawings/sketches or construction plans. Read through the Permit Types that Require Drawings and/or Site Plan. All permits for commercial and certain multi-family residential buildings require completion of a Green Building Statement of Compliance. Learn more on the Green Building Compliance page.
  • All permits will require an inspection.

I have a question

For a question about a pending permit application, you can use the Message Board in the online permitting system.

I'm ready to apply

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Major constructions may require an additional application for an ePlans. Please review the work that requires ePlans and the ePlans Submission page.

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Timelines for Permit Review

If your application is complete and correct, in most cases:

  • For most electrical, plumbing, HVAC&R, and gas permit, applications are ready for payment within an hour, 24/7.
  • For other permit types, if you submit before 9 a.m., you'll have a response by 2 p.m. the same day. Otherwise, it'll be by 2 p.m. the next day.
  • Certain permits require referral to another department or agency for additional review and approval. The Permits Requiring Special Review page outlines when this is required. Special cases will be messaged within these time frames. 


Do I need an inspection?

To make sure everything is safe, all permits issued by DHCD require inspections. 

You can schedule inspections by:

  • Log in into your existing online permit account : then click on “Inspection Scheduler” in your dashboard
  • Call the telephone system QuickTrac : 443-984-2776
  • Learn more on the Inspections Scheduling page

More Information about inspections

Green Building Compliance

All permits for commercial and certain multi-family residential buildings are required to complete Tab 3 on the International Green Compliance Code Checklist to determine code applicability and identify a green building compliance path.

Visit the Green Building Compliance website for more information.


Reporting construction without a permit?

Use the Existing Permit Search website to check if someone has a permit for construction work or if they followed the rules.

If you see major work being done without a permit, report it to 311 as "Construction Without Building Permit”.

To contest a penalty for unpermitted work:
Fill out and submit the Request for Reduction of Surcharge Form to the Building Official at 417 E. Fayette Street, Room 202, Baltimore, MD 21202. 

Read more in the Regulations for Work Conducted without a Permit PDF.


Permits requiring special referrals

Some permits need extra review from another department or agency. Here's when that might happen:

  • Properties in City Historic Districts (CHAP)
  • Properties in the Floodplain
  • Projects requiring Design Review
  • Temporary Structure Permits
  • Temporary Event Permits
  • Minor Privilege
  • Zoning

More information about special reviews

Still Have Questions?


  • Send email to DHCD.Permits@baltimorecity.gov
  • Call Permits office at : 443-984-1809
  • Visit us in person at 417 E Fayette St to ask a permit tech or complete an application at our kiosk

Drawings, Site plans or ePlans

Green Building Compliance


  • Call Zoning at: 410-396-4126.
  • Visit in person at 417 E Fayette Street, Room 147.