DHCD enforces the Baltimore City Building Code, as well as state laws pertaining to construction and occupancy. DHCD issues building permits and provides inspections for: construction, alteration, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work in both commercial and residential structures.

All permit applications are now processed online. Please click on ePermits below to create an account/login and apply for your permit.

Permits Frequently Asked Questions are available here.

Are you interested in learning more about our online permitting process? We are currently offering our Permit Like A Pro Workshop Series. You can view previous presentations on our website.


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Use ePermits (available 24 hours a day) to:

  • Apply for a permit
  • Send and receive messages about your permit
  • Pay for your permit
  • Receive your permit via email

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All inspections can now be scheduled online, following the prompts once you log into your existing account.  This service is available 24 hours a day.  Through the Online Inspection Scheduler, you can:

  • Schedule inspections
  • Cancel and reschedule inspections
  • Check the status of inspections
  • View your history of inspections

Just click on the "Inspection Scheduler" button available in your existing permits account.


Customers may also use the QuickTrac telephone system (443-984-2776) to:

  • Schedule inspections
  • Cancel and reschedule inspections
  • Check inspection results
  • Check Permit & Plans Review Status

If you don’t find the answers you need on this page, please call us at 443-984-1809, or email your questions to us here.

What requires a permit

A permit is required to:

As a general rule of thumb, minor repairs do not usually require permits, unless the item is being replaced altogether or significantly altered. Renovations, modifications, and reconstructions always require a permit.

Please review the Permits Brochure and FAQs for more details about permit requirements in Baltimore City.

Please review the Work Exempt from Permit List for types of work that DO NOT require a permit.

If you are still not sure if you need a permit, call One Stop at 443-984-1809, or email your questions to us here.

Do I need to submit plans

Some permits require the submission of drawings/sketches or ePlans submission. The matrices outline which types of permits require ePlans submission, and which types of permits can be issued through e-Permits with or without drawings/sketches.

Additional information for ePermits drawing/sketches: When Drawings/Sketches Are Required for ePermits.

If you are unsure if ePlans submission is required call the Plans Examining Office at 410-396-3460.

Please note that all permits for commercial and certain multi-family residential buildings are required to complete a Green Building Statement of Compliance to determine code applicability and identify a green building compliance path. See the Green Building Standards page for more information.

Sample Site Plans and Drawings

Sample Elevation
Sample Interior Demolition Plan
Sample Second Floor Plan
Sample Site Plan
Sample Cross Section
Sample First Floor Plan
File Naming Convention Guidance

How Much is a permit

Permit fees vary by project type and scope and are listed in Section 109 of the Building, Fire, and Related Codes of Baltimore City.

Process for Permit Review

The process for permit review and approval varies by type, size, and location of the project. Some permits can be issued through the ePermits process and others require ePlans Review and/or must be referred to another agency for approval before the issuance of the permit.

Click HERE for more information on the process for ePlans review.

Click HERE for information on types of Permits Requiring Special Referrals.

Timelines for Permit Review

If your application is complete and correct, in most cases:

  1. Most applications submitted for electrical, plumbing, HVAC&R, and gas will be ready for payment within one hour of submission, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. For all other permit types, applications submitted by 9 a.m. will receive an approval or response by 2 p.m. the same business day. Those submitted after 9 a.m. will receive an approval or response by 2 p.m. the following business day.
  3. Regardless of your permit type, if there is a special circumstance (e.g., your application needs to be referred to another agency, or there is a tag on your property), a staff member will send a message to you within the timeframes listed in #2.

Special Referrals

Certain permits require referral to another department or agency for additional review and approval. The following conditions will trigger additional review:

  • Properties in City Historic Districts (CHAP)
  • Properties in the Floodplain
  • Projects requiring Design Review
  • Temporary Structure Permits
  • Temporary Event Permits
  • Minor Privilege
  • Zoning

Click HERE for additional information on types of Permit Requiring Special Referrals. 
Report Unpermitted Work

To determine whether a permit has been obtained for work currently under construction or to determine that the scope of work has been properly permitted, an existing permit search may be accessed by the property address, permit number, or neighborhood (you can search permits issued since 1/1/2005).

If visible and substantial work is being done without a permit, please report it to 311 under Construction Without Building Permit.  Find more information and track cases on the Code Enforcement Legal Section webpage.

Review the Regulations for Work Conducted Without a Permit.

If you are assessed a penalty surcharge for performing work without a permit and wish to contest the surcharge, complete and submit the  Request for Reduction of Surcharge Form to the Building Official 417 E. Fayette Street, Room 202, Baltimore, MD 21202.