Inclusionary Housing Eligibility

NOTE:  Presently, the City's Inclusionary Housing legislation expired on June 30, 2022.  DHCD remains committed to Inclusionary Housing and new Inclusionary Housing requirements are being considered by Baltimore City Council.

Using the past legislation as a guide, Inclusionary Housing Staff reviews development projects to determine if the project will trigger Inclusionary  Housing requirements. A review of the project would include, but is not limited to:

  • total number of units
  • total number by bedroom size
  • rent by bedroom size
  • if there is any public subsidy
  • if there is any significant rezoning

Projects that will automatically NOT have Inclusionary Housing requirements are:

  • Projects receiving subsidy to support affordable housing​

  • At least 20% of units are affordable 

To check if your project could trigger Inclusionary Housing requirements, please complete the Inclusionary Housing Eligibility Form (not available at this time).

  • Once your form is submitted,  you will receive an introductory email from our Inclusionary Housing Staff, and information about whether you need to complete the Project Information Form (not available at this time). 
  • After your submission has been reviewed, you will be contacted with preliminary findings and the date your project will be presented to the Advisory Board, if applicable.
  • After the Advisory Board meeting, you will receive either a waiver letter or a requirements letter to execute.  This typically occurs within 45 days of your initial project submission.


Use the Inclusionary Housing Calculator, powered by Grounded Solutions,  to see if your project can afford inclusionary housing requirements.