Development Opportunities

Acquiring property from the City has never been easier. Whether you're a large-scale developer, a local community development corporation, a faith-based developer, or an individual homesteader, we encourage you to bid. 

There are two primary ways developers can acquire City-owned properties for development:

  • Bid on Requests for Proposals (RFP) or Requests for Qualifications (RFQ)
  • Purchase individual vacant properties through the Vacants to Value program

DHCD also offers financial and programmatic support for projects, especially for community-based developers and developers interested in increasing the supply of affordable housing in Baltimore City. 

Bid on an RFP or RFQ - follow this link for current RFP and RFQ information.

Expression of Interest - follow this link for future development opportunities.

Open Bid Notices - follow this link for current Open Bid Notices

Land Management and Transactions

The Land Management and Transactions group strategically acquires, manages and disposes of real property to create housing, social and economic development for Baltimore's neighborhoods. Our objective includes working collaboratively with diverse community, government and business interests, with emphasis on customer-service, efficiency, opportunity, equity and productivity.

Land Management can assist you in the following ways:

  • Purchase a City-owned Property (Vacants to Value)
  • Adopt-A-Lot
  • Donate a Property

Adopt-A-Lot Program

Adopting a City-owned vacant lot can improve the living conditions in your neighborhood. You and your neighbors can create a peaceful space for everyone to share. It not only improves your neighborhood, it helps the City become a beautiful and productive place to live for everyone.

An Adopt-A-Lot license is a temporary agreement that gives you legal right to steward a City-owned lot on an interim basis. The City has also partnered with the Water Department to give gardeners the opportunity to pay a flat rate of $120 to access water for their adopted lot during the standard garden season.

Donate A Property

Property donation is a way for property owners to release themselves from the liability of an unwanted or too-expensive-to-maintain property. As an alternative to allowing your property to become another unkept or blighted property, consider donating your property to the City of Baltimore. This can help both your own personal interest and the investment of the neighborhood. The owner should be able to pay a fixed settlement expense cost of $600.00 per property.

Our staff includes real estate, tax and legal consultants who have the expertise to handle property donation. If your property is accepted, we can make the donation process simple and convenient.

Click HERE to submit an application to Donate a Property to the City.

Demolition Site Maps

DHCD seeks to create a Baltimore in which every current and future resident lives in a safe and stable neighborhood. The removal of vacant and abandoned buildings is a critical tool that helps the City eliminate blight in order to stabilize housing values, leverage investments, enhance public safety, and create reuse opportunities and green space.

Population loss and other economic factors over the past 60 years have left Baltimore with over 17,000 vacant and boarded structures. Based on location, population trends, and market demand, about 5,500 of those vacants have good potential for redevelopment. Market demand for the remaining 11,500, however, is very limited. These 11,500 properties are candidates for demolition. Under Vacants to Value, the City’s commitment of $10 million per year in demolition funding has allowed us to concentrate significant resources on blight elimination in recent years.

While there is much more need for demolition than current resources allow, DHCD strives to identify demolitions that will have the most impact on affected neighborhoods. We prioritize demolitions that accomplish at least one of several goals: support investment, stabilize areas of moderate or high homeownership, promote public safety, address community requests, and create opportunities for green space and other reuse. We also prioritize demolition where the least amount of relocation will be necessary. Properties are identified by gathering input from community leaders, City agencies, and other stakeholders in addition to analyzing the available data.

In cases where there are one or more occupied houses on a targeted block, those residents have access to relocation benefits in order to promote whole-block solutions for impacted communities. Each resident is contacted by one of our relocation specialists who is committed to offering the family a substantial benefits package and helping them find a new home if needed.

If you have questions about a specific demolition site on the map, or if you want to propose a location for future demolition, please contact the Demolition Department at 410-396-3512 or at [email protected]. If there is a property that you believe to be an immediate danger to the public, please report it to 311 as soon as possible.
Visit the Project CORE Website.

Financial and Programmatic Support

DHCD’s Office of Project Finance and Development provides funding for the production of rental and for-sale housing opportunities in order to create decent, safe and affordable housing for the citizens of Baltimore City. 

Click HERE for more information on financial and programmatic support for the development of affordable housing.