BuyIntoBmore Opportunities


With the goal of leading transformative change, DHCD issued a comprehensive Community Development Framework. The Framework brings into focus DHCD's overall plan and articulates key strategic approaches for launching a new era of neighborhood investment.  To support this new era of neighborhood investment, the BuyIntoBmore initiative was created. BuyIntoBmore is a new way for constituents and developers to invest in Baltimore City by creating a single access point to:

  • Apply to purchase City-owned property through the open bid program
  • Submit Request for Proposals and Requests for Qualifications (coming soon)
  • Submit Expressions of Interest (coming soon)
  • Apply to the City’s Vendor Lien program (coming soon)
  • Acquire Tax Certificates for tax-delinquent properties (coming soon)
  • Apply to adopt vacant lots through the Adopt A Lot program
  • Apply for water access for community-managed open spaces

Visit the new BuyIntoBmore site to view aggregate property information from a number of City agencies to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly, mapping tool for constituents to apply to the various programs that allow them to invest in the City. Another exciting new feature is the ability to accept application fees online eliminating the need for physical check and/or coming to City offices to pay processing fees.


Whether you're a large-scale developer, a local community development corporation, a faith-based developer, or an individual homesteader, we encourage you to Buy Into Bmore using one of the programs shown below!


Our new, interactive map is tailored to search for properties that are available for sale through our BuyIntoBmore , and lots that are available for adoption through our adopt-a-lot program. You can also view currently adopted lots, preserved community-managed open spaces, and other valuable information to assist with locating the perfect opportunity for you. Learn how to use the new map by viewing our "How To" videos!

Explore our interactive map to see what properties are available.


Are you small developer or individual interested in finding a diamond in the rough? Can you put on your rose colored glasses? If you can, then we have the perfect opportunity for you. The Open Bid Program allows qualified individuals or entities to bid on individual or small bundles of City-owned properties.  Use the BuyIntoBmore site to search these properties for the best investment you will ever make! 

To purchase a City Owned property, complete the Open Bid application.


Does your home border an overgrown, publicly owned side yard less than 15’ in width?  Have you ever thought  “If I owned that land, I could do WONDERS !”

If so, the City of Baltimore offers side lots for sale through the Side Yard Program, which is a fixed, low-cost way to buy a side yard and make it your own.

 To apply for a side yard, complete the Side Yard Application.


DHCD uses the Request for Proposal ("RFP") or Request for Qualifications ("RFQ")  Programs to seek developers or development teams for large-scale projects that require extensive experience in urban revitalization initiatives, a proven track record of community partnerships, and financial and organizational capacity to successfully implement and complete complex redevelopment projects within a timely period.


DHCD uses the Expression of Interest (“EOI”) Program to field market interest in specific redevelopment opportunities of city-owned properties. The EOI helps DHCD plan for upcoming RFP cycles by identifying which opportunities have the strongest market interest. It is intended that the EOI will serve as a basis for establishing a list of interested and qualified firms to be invited to respond to future Requests for Proposals (“RFP”).


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