Development Opportunities

Development Opportunities

With the goal of leading transformative change, DHCD issued a comprehensive Community Development Framework . The Framework brings into focus DHCD's overall plan and articulates key strategic approaches for launching a new era of neighborhood investment. The Framework identifies several Impact Investment Areas throughout the city where focused community development work is being coordinated through the Mayor’s Neighborhood Cabinet. One strategy that DHCD utilizes to spur change in neighborhoods is supporting redevelopment in key locations. Informed by the work of the Mayor's Neighborhood Cabinet and other community outreach, DHCD utilizes three methods for the purchase of property.


Whether you're a large-scale developer, a local community development corporation, a faith-based developer, or an individual homesteader, we encourage you to consider the following tools for purchase:




DHCD uses the Request for Proposal ("RFP") or Request for Qualifications ("RFQ")  Programs to seek developers or development teams for large scale projects that require extensive experience in urban revitalization initiatives, a proven track record of community partnerships, and financial  and organizational capacity to successfully implement and complete complex redevelopment projects within a timely period.


DHCD uses the Expression of Interest (“EOI”) Program to field market interest in specific redevelopment opportunities of  city-owned properties. The EOI helps DHCD plan for upcoming RFP cycles by identifying which opportunities have the strongest market interest. It is intended that the EOI will serve as a basis of establishing a list of interested and qualified firms to be invited to respond to future Request for Proposals (“RFP”).


Are you small developer or individual interested in finding a diamond in the rough? Can you put on your V2V rose colored glasses? If you can, then we have the perfect opportunity for you. The Vacants to Value program allows qualified individuals or entities to bid on individual or small bundles of City-owned properties. Search these properties for the best investment you will ever make!