Developer/Resident Resources

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The Adopt A Lot Program allows residents to adopt a City-owned vacant lot and improve living conditions in your neighborhood.  You and your neighbors can create a peaceful and enjoyable space for everyone to share.  It not only improves your neighborhood, it helps the City become a beautiful and productive place to live for everyone! If you are interested in adopting a City-owned vacant lot, submit your application using our new, interactive site. Once there you can either search by property address or by selecting Adopt-A-Lot under Programs.


The Development Division has partnered with the Department of Public Works to create the Water Access Program to help gardeners get access to water for their public or privately owned garden. Water access is not guaranteed. Complete the Water Access Application using our new, interactive site and see if your garden is eligible to receive water at a reduced rate. 


If you own a property that is not encumbered with any privately held liens and you are interested in donating it to the City of Baltimore using the Property Donation Program  Complete the Property Donation Application to see if your property is eligible for donation.

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Judicial In Rem Foreclosure allows the Baltimore City Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) to foreclose on the liens on a vacant lot or building where the value of the liens exceeds the assessed value of the property, and thereby take title to the property. Communities can submit property addresses to DHCD for review for In Rem Tax Lien Foreclosure. Remember that the property must be a vacant lot or have a Vacant Building Notice (VBN). DHCD will complete an analysis to see if the property qualifies for In Rem.  Complete the In Rem Eligibility Form to see if your property is eligible for in rem foreclosure.


A series of educational PowerPoint presentations to inform you on "How To" do a variety of tasks associated with the purchase, construction and permitting of City-Owned property.