Application Period Opens for Community Catalyst Grants

The Baltimore City Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) announced the availability of $1.9 million in operating funds under the Community Catalyst Grants (CCG) program. The CCG program funds community development work in historically disinvested areas.

The goals of CCG Operating Grants are to support efforts that:

  • Stabilize and improve housing market conditions through a combination of organizational growth, technical and financial assistance, partnerships, and collaboration
  • Create and/or formalize organizations
  • Expand programs to increase capacity resulting in visible and quantifiable impacts through increased staff, technical, and financial assistance
  • Achieve community ownership of a project
  • Strengthen the community’s understanding of and ability to participate in development initiatives
  • Undertake a deferred project
  • Increase economic opportunities and prosperity for all stakeholders
  • Foster partnerships and collaboration

At least $1 million will be awarded to Emerging organizations. No more than $900,000 will be awarded to Established organizations. Applicants may request funds for projects that previously received an award of CCG Funds.

The CCG program was launched in 2018 to provide funding support to emerging and established organizations for community-based initiatives.  The program aligns with Mayor Scott’s Equitable Neighborhood Development Pillar.  Funds are helping to stabilize long disinvested neighborhoods, ultimately attracting new investment and new residents to the city.

Applications are due October 28, 2022, and can be submitted online. Eligible applicants include community development corporations, umbrella organizations, neighborhood revitalization organizations, faith-based organizations, merchant associations, and other organizations that have a valid 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) status. 

Virtual pre-submission Information sessions are being offered for interested applicants on October 5 & 6. Visit DHCD’s website for more information about the CCG program and links to the information sessions.

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