DHCD Testifies in Support of SB 0727

~Legislation helps fight against illegal dumping~

BALTIMORE, MD — The Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) testified today in support of Senate Bill SB 0727 before the Members of the State Judicial Proceedings Committee. SB 0727 is the Motor Vehicle Administration Records - Access to Digital Photographic Images and Signatures - Baltimore City Agencies .  The legislation, if passed, will significantly bolster efforts to combat illegal dumping in Baltimore City.

SB 0727 aims to provide better access to Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) photos for Baltimore City’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) within DHCD. Currently, SIU investigators currently face process delays in obtaining crucial MVA photos, hindering their ability to swiftly identify illegal dumpers.  The bill authorizes the MVA to make a digital photographic image or signature of an individual, or the actual stored data thereof, recorded by the Administration available to DHCD or any other agency designated by the Mayor of Baltimore City to enforce certain provisions of law.

Baltimore City received over 15,000 service requests related to illegal dumping in 2023 alone. To address this pressing issue, DHCD is advocating for streamlined access to MVA photos, which would aid investigators in identifying suspects and expediting legal proceedings.

This legislation was introduced at the request of DHCD and underscores the agency's commitment to enhancing community safety and revitalization efforts. With improved access to MVA photos, SIU investigators will be better equipped to hold illegal dumpers accountable and curb environmental hazards in Baltimore neighborhoods.

"DHCD fully supports SB 0727 which provides an additional tool to help us combat illegal dumping," stated Alice Kennedy, Housing Commissioner of DHCD. "More direct access to MVA photos will significantly enhance our efforts in investigating and prosecuting offenders, ultimately leading to cleaner, safer neighborhoods and communities."

SB 0727 represents a crucial step forward in Baltimore's commitment to combating illegal dumping and ensuring the well-being of its communities. If enacted, the legislation will become effective as of October 1, 2024.


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