A Strategic Framework


DHCD has issued a comprehensive Framework for Community Development.  The Framework brings into focus DHCD's overall strategy and plan and articulates key strategic approaches for launching a new era of neighborhood investment.  The goal is to lead transformative change.

DHCD is working to focus the narrative on what is possible in the future.  The Framework is aspirational in nature, yet intentional in direction.  It is DHCD's plan of action and it involves everyone – residents, community groups, philanthropic institutions, nonprofits, state leaders, and private-sector investors.

The Framework is a living document; outlining a vision and opening a dialogue. The dialogue continues with the Community Conversations series launched in 2022.


Notable comment about the Framework from the report, Drilling Down in Baltimore' Neighborhoods:  Changes in racial/ethnic composition and income from 2000 to 2017:

"The ability of the city’s current community leaders and advocates to rapidly undo the city’s underlying social, economic, and physical challenges is severely limited. That said, there are many things that can be done to redress inequity, and the strategic framework recently adopted by the city’s Department of Housing and Community Development represents a serious, thoughtful effort to begin grappling with many of them."

~ Alan Mallach ~   


Capital Improvement Plan

Each year, capital budget agencies present their capital project requests and priorities to the Planning Commission.  DHCD's FY 24 - 29 presentation brings to light targeted areas of spending, as per the Community Development Framework.  The presentation is also a good overview of the progress we have made and are making toward equitable community development, expanding resources, and investing in all neighborhoods.

View DHCD's Presentation.