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As established in the Framework for Community Development, the City of Baltimore is at an inflection point. There is substantial physical transformation and growing employment opportunities in certain sectors. However, a history of segregation and racial discrimination has left a disparity amongst neighborhoods. Some are thriving under new investment. Others face continued effects of historical devaluation and disinvestment. These neighborhoods face stagnant values and lack adequate, safe affordable housing options and amenities. This combination of challenges necessitates the development of coherent, comprehensive implementation strategies for each of the Impact Investment Areas identified in the 2019 Framework for Community Development.   

The Framework for Community Development was established to focus on the physical transformation and growth opportunities for Baltimore City.  The Impact Investment Area neighborhoods include Broadway East, Coldstream Homestead Montebello, East Baltimore Midway, Johnston Square, Park Heights, South West, Upton, Druid Heights and Penn North. 

As part of the community development framework, the Community Conversations are an opportunity for the residents and neighborhood stakeholders to learn and share feedback with the Baltimore City Department of Housing & Community Development.

Please watch our introductory video about the Community Development Framework and the plan for Community Conversations. 

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