Community Managed Open Space (CMOS) Water Access Request Form

The Department of Housing and Community Development has partnered with the Water Department to give site stewards of both City and privately owned community open space the ability to access water for their site for a flat rate of $120 for each growing season (March 1st through November 1st). Please be aware that the $120 will not be prorated and that should be taken into consideration when submitting an application. 

To apply for Water Access, you will be required to complete the online application below and submit your payment to receive services.   Once  payment is received, an inspector will assess your site for water availability. IF PAYMENT IS NOT RECEIVED, WATER SERVICE WILL NOT BE TURNED ON. 

If water is available, the inspector will install a device that you can connect a hose to and will contact you to provide instructions on how to use it.  If water access is not available, your original $120 payment will be returned to you with information for other options.

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