Housing/Building Code

To maintain safe and attractive neighborhoods throughout the city, DHCD's Code Enforcement Division enforces the city's housing, zoning, building, and related codes.

Area Offices

District District Number Address Phone
CENTRAL 100 417 E. Fayette Street, 21202 - Rm 202 410-396-4170
SOUTHEAST 200 417 E. Fayette Street, 21202 - Rm 202 410-545-6521
EASTERN 300 417 E.  Fayette Street, 21202 - Rm 202 410-545-6521
NORTHEAST 400 5225 York Road, 21212 - Rear 410-545-7550
NORTHERN 500 5225 York Road, 21212 - Rear 410-545-7550
NORTHWEST 600 3939 Reisterstown Road, 21215, 2nd Flr 410-396-7736
WESTERN 700 3939 Reisterstown Road, 21215, 2nd Flr 410-396-7736
SOUTHWEST 800 417 E. Fayette Street, 21202 - Rm 202 410-545-1851
SOUTHERN 900 417 E. Fayette Street, 21202 - Rm 202 410-545-1851


The Office of the Zoning Administrator is responsible for insuring that construction activity and land use comply with the City's zoning code.

Our primary responsibilities include issuing zoning authorizations and use permits, inspecting structures and reviewing land uses to ensure compliance with the zoning code, and initiating appropriate actions when zoning violations exist.

Construction / Demolition

DHCD condemns vacant and abandoned properties and oversees the demolition of unsafe structures throughout the City.

Search for condemned properties.

Green Building Standards

The Baltimore City Green Construction Code has been in place since April 2015, when Council Bill 14-0413 amended the City's existing mandatory green building law for commercial and multi-family residential buildings.

All design, construction, addition, alteration, change of occupancy, relocation, replacement, repair, equipment, building site, maintenance, removal, and demolition of every structure and any appurtenances connected or attached to a structure and to the site on which the structure is located (except as otherwise exempted), must comply with the 2012 International Green Construction Code.

Legal Section

The Code Enforcement Legal Section prosecutes housing code violators. When violators fail to comply voluntarily with notices issued by Housing Inspectors, the matter is referred to the Legal Section where attorneys review it and prosecute violators if necessary. There is one attorney assigned to each of the nine Housing Inspection Districts, which are aligned with the nine planning districts in Baltimore City.

Report Potential Violations

To report potential housing and sanitation violations, please call 311 or use the 311 online portal.

View Active Violations

See all active code violations for your neighborhood. 

View Citation Photos

View photos from citations recently issued. 

Other Resources

Instructions for Miscellaneous Clean/Board Bill Review
Miscellaneous Clean/Board Bill Dispute Form
Instructions for Violation Notice Abatement Letter
Violation Notice Abatement Request Form