Vacant Property Resources and Information Page

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Every year, DHCD responds to nearly 70,000 citizen requests from 311, conducts 250,000 housing inspections, issues 30,000 violation notices, issues 30,000 citations and registers 55,000 properties.  While DHCD is generally acknowledged as a national leader in the work of code enforcement and the efficient, effective and data-driven delivery of local government services, we welcome the public's increased involvement in holding owners of derelict properties accountable.

City Council Bill 19-0429 requires the Department of Housing & Community Development to post signage on vacant buildings that will identify owners so that they can be held accountable by the public.

You can find PROPERTY-OWNER INFORMATION right here on our website. 

This page is also a centralized location directing the public's attention to various resources providing information on properties throughout Baltimore city. 

Questions? Call 410-396-0896 for more information.


  • For Property Registration Contact Information - to include owner or responsible agent name, address, phone and email contact information - use our Property Data Search 
  • To learn about plans and strategies for various neighborhoods, read the City's report A New Era of Neighborhood Investment - A Framework for Community Development.
  • The GIS tool, CoDeMap (Short for Community Development Map), provides information to help users make data-informed decisions.  The tool portrays on-ground conditions, real estate activity, etc., on a parcel-, block-, neighborhood-, and citywide level.
  • SELECT THE FOLLOWING LINKS to view for information on properties as indicated:

Cases in Court 
Active Notices
Permits Search
BMZA Appeals 

Please call 311 if a property needs to be cleaned, boarded or if other assistance is needed.