Permits FAQs

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A ROE is required when the property is owned by Mayor and City Council.


  1. There is a parcel tag stating third party ROE not required.
  2. The applicant has a email.
  3. A subcontractor when the prime contractor has already been approved; in this case the subcontractor will need to upload the prime contractor ROE letter.

When the property owner is a business there should always be a contact person for the business.  Failing to add the contact person could delay processing the application.

An extension can be issued up to 60 days after the permit expires.  A reinstatement is for a final inspection only and has three criteria and all three criteria must be met: (1.) The expiration date must be within three years; (2.) All required rough-in inspections must have been performed and approved; and (3.) All work is complete.

A reinstatement for final inspection is only issued for 30 days and should only be applied for once unless the final inspection fails.

Log into your account and select “Add Application” and under Select Permit Category select “Permit extension/Change(or Add) contractor”.

For master electrical, gas fitter, on-site utility, and demolition contractors that are registered in the permits database see pages 4-8 of the “License Management” step-by-step guide at the following website:

For plumbers, HVAC, MHIC, MHBR, and general contractors that are registered in the ePermits database send a copy of your current license to:

Permits applied for via ePermits expire 6 months after the issue date unless the property is listed as condemned.  Permits on condemned property expire3 months after the issue date.  The expiration date on ePlans permit is from 3 to 36 months depending on the job specifications.

All permits are applied for online.  There are step-by-step guides and videos on how to process permits at the following website:  

If you do not have a permit account, create an account at the following website:

To log into your account, go the following website:

No, all applications are submitted and processed online.  If you have questions after the application is submitted communicate your questions via the Message Board.  If you have questions prior to submission, send an email to

Go to:  and review all menus and hyperlinks.

That depends on the scope of work and any referrals that need to be made.  Applications submitted by 9:00 AM should either be issued or receive a response by 2:00 PM the same business day.  Those submitted after 9:00 AM should be issued or receive a response by 2:00 PM the next business day.  If referrals are needed, a tag is on the parcel, or other verifications need to be made you will be notified via the Message Board and that will delay the issuance of the permit.

The property owner will need to submit a signed and dated letter requesting the permit to be voided.

No, but the letter must come from the title company and be on company letterhead; be dated and signed; and include the property address and name of new owner.

Send an email to Your request will be forwarded to the IT Dept. for resolution.  Please note that you can still access your application in the Archive folder.

Complete the Duplicate Document Request Form at the following website:

You can see existing permits from 1/1/2005 to present at:  If you are looking for records prior to 2005 see question #16.

A homeowner can perform construction/alteration work on their own property with a few exceptions.  A homeowner cannot do underpinning; interior demolition that removes more than 1/3 of the structure on any level; removal of formstone, paint, or other material from exterior surfaces; or major structural work or structural work that could impact adjoining properties.  Also, a homeowner cannot perform electrical, HVAC, gas, or plumbing work.

Zoning: 410-396-4126

Housing Inspections: ......................................................................... 410-396-4170

Building Inspections: ......................................................................... 410-396-3470

Electrical/Mechanical/Plumbing Inspections: .................................. 410-361-9270

Permit Office: or DHCD.TradesLicense@baltimorecitylgov      443-984-1809

Plans Examining: 410-396-3460

Dept. of Planning:  ............................................................................ 410-396-7526

CHAP: 410-396-4866

You can add multiple accessory structures, but only one independent structure per application.

Inspections are scheduled online via the Inspection Scheduler which is located on the first screen when you log into your account.  For a step-by-step guide see “Inspection Scheduler” at the following website:

Inspections are also schedule via the phone using QuickTrac at 443-984-2776.  You must have your permit number and inspection code to schedule an inspection via QuickTrac.

For ePermits see the matrix at the following website for when drawings/sketches are required: and

For ePlans see the matrix at the following website for when construction drawings are required:

Please see page 3 of the Building, Fire, and Related Codes of Baltimore City 2020 Edition at the following website:,%20Fire_(rev%20071922).pdf.

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The property is still listed as a single-family dwelling and therefore, the filing fee is $25.

See Section 109 of the Building, Fire, and Related Codes of Baltimore City,%20Fire%20(rev10-20-21).pdf.  Please note that depending on the permit application description you may incur additional fees from other departments/agencies.

A pay block is placed when three or more initial attempts by the city to collect permit fees has been unsuccessful.  When there is a pay block, payment must be made via guaranteed funds (cashier’s check, money order, or cash).  DHCD is working on a new system to record this information so at this time current pay blocks are not being removed.  When the system is complete all pay blocks will be reviewed to determine if they will be lifted or remain.  Currently there is no set date for completion.

You must apply for a permit for the work that incurred the fine/penalty, and the fees for the fine/penalty will be added to the cost of the permit.

Nothing.  If you paid in the office, you received your permit at the time of payment.  DO NOT PAY AGAIN ONLINE.

No fee or other service charge paid for any application, permit, certificate, inspection, test, or other service may be refunded, in whole or in part, except:

    1. If no work has been done nor any privilege enjoyed under a permit, certificate, inspection, test, or other service, a refund may be granted of not more than 50% of the fee or service charge paid; and
    2. In no event may any refund be granted on any fee or charge of less than $1,000.

Note:  The application fee is non-refundable.

Payment can be made online with a check, debit card, or credit card by clicking on the pay icon on the same row as your permit number.  Payment can be made in the office with cash, check, debit card, or credit card.  Payments are made payable to the Director of Finance.

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To perform construction/alteration work on 3-dwelling units or less; underpinning or a retaining foundation wall; remove formstone, paint, or other material from exterior surfaces; and interior demolition category III a licensed MHIC contractor is required.  Electrical, plumbing, gas, and HVAC work requires a licensed contractor for that discipline.

During the application process you will add the contractor(s) based on the type of work being performed.  To add the contractor(s), the contractor(s) must be registered in the ePermits database, and their license must be active.  Note:  For ePlans the contactor(s) is added either by completing a ePlans Contractor Form or by amending the issued permit to add the contractor(s).

You must be registered in the ePermits database to be added to a permit.  You will need to send your license and a valid photo ID to if you have a MHIC, MHBR, HVAC, or general contractor license.  To register as a master electrician, gas fitter, on-site utility, or demolition contractor download the application from the following website:  You will receive an ePermits access code to register online.  If you need assistance in registering after you receive your ePermits access code see the “License Management” step-by-step guide at the following website:

The licensed contractor will need to approve the use of their license on your permit before your application can be completed.

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Whenever the use of the property is a business (e.g., restaurant, tavern, grocery store, deli, etc.) unless you are operating the business under your individual name you should add the lessee’s name, address, and phone number during the application process. (Example, your name is John Smith, and the restaurant will be called Smith’s Place, the lessee would be Smith’s Place).  Please make sure your business name is registered to do business in the State of Maryland.

It is required when the building/structure that is being demolished is physically attached to another building/structure.

You will need to apply for a new permit describing the new use of the property.

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1 – 6 weeks depending on the size of the project.

1 – 3 weeks follow-up review depending on the scope of the revision.

Yes, for small  interior tenant fit-out projects.  Fastrack reviews may be scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays on first come first serve basis.  Please contact the Plans Examining Office at 410-396-3460 or email

Plans approval is valid as long as the permit is active.

You receive a notice with instructions on the next steps.  If signature-ready set is required to be returned, please follow the guidance on how to return your signature ready set.  All design sheets must be manually signed and dated or comply with Maryland State regulation for electronic professional certification.  The permit will be issued once information on the signature-ready set and contractor’s form are verified and the balance of fees is paid.

No, as long as the permit is 3 years or less from the issue date you can apply to have the permit reissued via ePermits.  Use the following description on your permit application:

Reissuance: (Enter the exact description on the original permit).  Previously approved under permit (Enter the original permit number) issued on (Enter the date the permit was originally issued).

The permit may be issued without the contractor(s) information, but you will need to amend the permit to add the contractor(s) before any work can begin.

Hard copies of plans are not accepted for filing.  All plan submittals are submitted via the online portal.  However, due to Maryland State regulations, hard copies may be required for some documents.  You will be informed when hard copies of documents is required.

Not required for submittal.  Electronic sign and seal that meets Maryland State standards are also acceptable.  They are mandatory on the “signature-ready set” after all approvals have been secured.

No, paper plans or applications are not accepted.  All documents are submitted online via the portal unless otherwise notified.

Yes, as it relates to demonstrating compliance with 2018 IECC and 2018 IgCC.

Digital signature and seal must comply with the State of Maryland electronic professional sign and seal regulations.


Most 1 and 2 family dwelling permit applications do not require signed and sealed plans.  However, engineer’s/architects’ signature and seal are mandatory on the “signature-ready set” after all approvals have been secured.

BMZA appeal decision letter, any preliminary meeting minutes, any code modification approval letters, IgCC statement of compliance form, and all supporting documents.

Separate submittals and applications are required.  Anyone designated and authorized on City records by the contractor may file.  Yes, fire alarm, sprinkler, and building permits can be filed concurrently and plans are required for submittal.

No, if Maryland State asbestos remediation regulations are strictly followed.  When required the survey must be current enough to reflect the most accurate representation of site conditions.

All plans must include architectural/structural and MEP work.  We determine what agencies review based on the scope of work.

Please consult with your design team.

Only as required by code provisions.

Only required by code provisions.

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