201 N. Bend Road - Fall 2022 RFP

201 N Bend (updated)

Status: For Sale
Property Type: Building
Current Zoning: R-5
Lot Size:  Subdivision in process
Neighborhood: Westgate
Zip Code: 21229

This site is located in the historic and attractive Westgate neighborhood, which boasts a predominance of solid homeownership with tree line streets and open space. The former Frederick Elementary School and Mary E Rodman Elementary School, it was constructed in 1962. The site includes a two-story 312, 231 square feet brick structure and parking lot, which will be subdivided from the North Bend Elementary School property. The site includes classrooms, a kitchen, and cafeteria.

Westgate is located south of the Ten Hills neighborhood, north of Beechfield and east of the new Uplands community. This stable Southwest Baltimore community is conveniently located along the corridor of US Route 40 and ten minutes to the West Baltimore MARC Penn Line train station. Nearby treasures include Mount Saint Joseph High School and the Hunting Hills Swim Club. Shopping is less than five minutes away.

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