V2V Property Search Map FAQ

The DHCD Vacants to Value program has over 3000 properties available for sale through the open bid process. The V2V Property Search Map is an online interactive mapping tool, which allows users to search for currently available city owned property for sale through the open bid process or for adoption through the adopt-a-lot program. It also includes other useful property data to assist in evaluating available properties. You may search for a City-owned property by address, neighborhood or block lot.

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How often do you update the data on the map?

Available property data are updated nightly and all other data are updated as new information becomes available.


How can I tell if a property is available for sale?

In order to determine whether a property is available, there needs to be a light blue dot on the green property and it would appear on the bottom under the "Available Open Bid" section.

available prop example


What is the minimum system requirement to be able to interact with the V2V Property Search Map?

The V2V Property Search Map is best viewed with a resolution of 1280 by 1024

High-Speed Broadband is recommended, slow internet connections (dial-up, some DSL etc..) may result in slow map loading, panning, and response time.

Adobe Reader is suggested to open a PDF exported map. A link is provided to obtain Adobe Reader on the bottom of the left hand menu.

What internet browsers does the V2VProperty Search Map support?

Google Chrome 1 and higher (recommended)

Internet Explorer 6 and higher

Firefox 2.5 and higher

Safari 2.5 and higher

Opera 1 and higher

When I 'Zoom In' and 'Zoom Out' on the maps, I noticed some map features appear and some map features disappear. Why?

Many of the map features on the V2V Property Search Mapare scale dependent so that only the information appropriate for that map scale are exhibited. Address points, for example, are numerous and if they were all displayed at the same time on a map showing the whole city in the view, the numbers would overlap each other and be unreadable. Instead, as we zoom closer to an area, we are only looking at a small subset of the address points and each address number is more readable.

The ownership data you are showing on the website is incorrect. Will you update it?

The V2V Property Search Map displays the State Department of Assessments and Taxation ownership information as a convenience, however we cannot legally make any changes to the ownership database. These changes can only be made with the County Assessor directly, and will only be reflected on our website after we receive the data update.