Lake Clifton High School- 2801 Saint Lo Drive

2801 Saint Lo Drive

Status: For Sale
Property Type: Building
Current Zoning: Open Space OS
Lot Size: 45 acres*
Neighborhood: Clifton Park
Zip Code: 21213

This site, uniquely situated within Clifton Park, currently houses a  large former school building (462,083 sq. ft) that could be renovated or demolished to create a huge redevelopment site.  The school was built in 1971 and includes a cafeteria, auditorium, gym, library, athletic fields, and a pool.  The site is in close proximity to Real Food Farms, Clifton Mansion, the new 21st Century Fairmount Harford School, Rita Church Community Center, and new sports field.  It is also close to the new 35+ unit residential development project that was recently awarded in the Coldstream Homestead Montebello neighborhood.  The site is strategically located ten minutes away from the Hopkins Homewood campus, Hopkins Medical Campus, and Morgan State University’s campus.  The property is currently 45 acres, but will be adjusted approximately as shown below for the following for purposes:

  • The City will retain ownership of the land occupied by Real Food Farms and the 911 tower. 
  • The site will be adjusted to include the entire football field.  City Schools will need access to the fields and a modular building for locker rooms until the new field across from Rita Church Recreation Center is completed.
  • The site will be adjusted to include the Valve House.  

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