Fall 2020 RFP Questions & Answers

DHCD 2020 Fall RFP – Pre-Proposal Conference 

RFP Released: Thursday, September 24, 2020 

Pre-Proposal Conference Hosted: Wednesday, October 7, 2020 

Questions and Answers 


  • Will the PowerPoint presentation be available online?                                                                                                                    

Yes, the PowerPoint presentation can be found by clicking HERE.

  • Is the RFP Open to only 501C 3 organizations based in Baltimore?

No, the RFP is not open to only 501C 3 organizations.    All qualified organizations, development firms and individuals are encouraged to respond.  

  • Is the webform the only method of submission or is there another way that we can send in the complete package?    

Yes, webform is the only acceptable submission method.   

  • In reference to 1313 Druid Hill Avenue, did the City get funds to fix the roof?                                                                          

Currently, there are no funds to repair or the roof of 1313 Druid Hill Avenue. 

  • Will the Harlem Park bundle be available for rezoning for commercial agricultural uses?                                                        

The current zoning designation is R-8.  Urban agriculture is a conditional use within R-8 and as a conditional use it will require approval from the Board of Municipal Zoning Appeals.  Urban agriculture is defined as:

"the cultivation, processing, and marketing of food, with a primary emphasis on operating as a business enterprise.

Urban agriculture includes: (A) animal husbandry; (B) aquaculture; (C) agro-forestry; (D) vineyards and wineries; and (E) horticulture.

Urban agriculture might involve the use of: (A) intensive production methods; (B) structures for extended growing seasons; (C) on-site sale of produce; and (D) composting."                                                                                                           

Additional questions regarding any use outside of the allowable R- 8 uses should be referred to Zoning Administration at 410-396-4126. 

  • What is the deadline for the RFP submission?

The Fall 2020 RFP submission deadline is Wednesday, November 11,2020 at 11:59 P.M. E.S.T. 

  • What is the current zoning for 4701 Yellowwood Rd?

The current zoning is R-6, which allows for low density rowhouse neighborhoods. It accommodates detached and semi-detached dwellings, rowhouses, multifamily developments and limited non-residential uses. For more information on permissable uses, please see the use table on page 425 of the Zoning Code, located here: https://ca.baltimorecity.gov/codes/Art%2032%20-%20Zoning.pdf 

  • In reference to 5545 Kennison Avenue, is there a current plan in place for this neighborhood?                                       

This property is in the Grove Park neighborhood in Northwest Baltimore, which is primarily comprised of single family detached homes. There is no Urban Renewal Plan or Master Plan for this area. The community is not interested in development proposals that would require a change in zoning. If you would like to contact information for the community association please reach out to Kelly Baccala at kelly.baccala@baltimorecity.gov.

  • How do we submit confidential financial information?

All information, including financial information, should be submitted via the RFP web application. RFP submissions will remain confidential. However, it is recommended that sensitive information, such as account numbers, be redacted prior to submission.  

  • Will the City provide funding for any of the properties?

Currently, there has been no funding identified for any of the RFP offerings. However, respondents should share any financial gaps in the project budget within their proposals. 

  • Is 606 S. Ann Street eligible for historic tax credits?

Yes, the property has been designated within the Fells Point local historic district by the Baltimore City Commission for Historic and Architectural Preservation (CHAP) and is also included in the Fells Point National Register Historic District. 

  • What does PCDA stand for?

Pimlico Community Development Authority. For more information about them, please click the following link: https://planning.baltimorecity.gov/about-pimlico-community-development-authority 

  • For the format of the RFP response, can we create a single .pdf document to be uploaded and, if so, are there format requirements?

The online webform is the only acceptable submission for the fall RFP.

  • Will the RFP review panel consist only of DHCD or will stakeholders/community representatives also be part of the review process?                                                                                                                      

The Fall RFP review panel is comprised of City and State agency representatives.  The community will participate in a formal community presentation from the qualified bidders.   

  • If conditionally selected, will the City be open to negotiations on financing as well as value?      

It is expected that at the time of submission, all applicants will have done as much due diligence as possible and all figures submitted will be considered to be based on those findings. There will be a post award negotiation period to determine terms of the Land Disposition Agreement. If necessary, these negotiations could include adjustments based on new and/or unforeseen information.  

  • Is there a leasing option for non-profits?

The current Fall 2020 RFP is for purchase opportunities only. 

  • What level of design are you looking for?

We encourage respondents not to spend funding on the creation of architectural drawings and design, however review panelist would like to understand the project and its various amenities. 

  • Is there information available from previous year submissions and selections?                                                            

Previous awards are posted on the DHCD website for your review.  Submissions are limited due to confidential documents and information. 

  • With regards to 1313 Druid Hill Avenue, since access is not available, there are a lot of unknowns with regards to specific designs, current footprint, etc.  How do we address the unknowns in the submission?

Limited interior images are available, please contact neighborhood development officer, Howard Tutman at howard.tutman@baltimorecity.gov 

  • Just to confirm, there will not be City financing?

     The respondents should not expect financing from the City of Baltimore. 

  • The web form only has one page of disclosures.  How do multiple parties sign in the event of a joint venture?         

The lead organization should include details for all partner organizations.  Following the conditional award, disclosure statements will be required from all partner groups. 

  • As a developer, if you decide to building affordable housing, will DHCD provide subsidy? 

Respondents should not expect subsidy from the Department of Housing and Community Development. 

  • Does the city have any title work and or property survey for 4701 Yellowwood Avenue? 

We do not. It is typically the responsibility of the buyer to have title work done on the property, however the City does guarantee title free and clear of any and all liens, at time of transfer. 

  • During the planned building inspection, can we measure the interior of the building during our 1.5 hour inspection time?                                                                                                                            

Participants in the site inspections will be able to visually survey and measure all aspects of the building that are deemed safe to tour. 

  • Do you have architectural drawings for 606 S. Ann Street?

Unfortunately, we do not have architectural drawings of 606 S. Ann Street. 

  • Can foreign companies participate in the bidding opportunity?        

How to register a foreign LLC: https://dat.maryland.gov/businesses/Pages/Non-Maryland-(Foreign)-Business-Entities.aspx 

  • Can we contact our neighborhood development officer during this process?                                                                            

We encourage all respondents to contact the respective neighborhood development officer. 

  • Does the City have any maintenance cost records for 4701 Yellowwood Avenue? (i.e. grass cutting/snow removal)         We do not have that information 
  • Will there be future opportunities to access/survey the site?                                                                                                         

We do not anticipate additional opportunities to access the sites, beyond the identified dates provided in the Fall RFP 

  • Will we need to consider typical closing or transfer costs for the purchase and should we expect to pay the first year of property taxes?                                                                                                                          

Respondents will need to consider typical closing fees and the property taxes will be prorated based on the date of the sale.

  • Will the City provide interior pictures of the sites, if available?

If available, the Neighborhood Development Officer will provide additional photos of the sites. 



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