COVID-19 Temporary Rent Support FAQ

How do I apply for the COVID-19 Temporary Rent Support program?
Who is eligible?
Are there priority areas for consideration?
How are people chosen for help?
What documents will I need in order to apply?
I applied. How much help will I get?
What if I do not have a lease?
What if my landlord is not licensed to rent property?
What if I have received an eviction notice?
How long will this program last?
Will there be another application period?
How will I know if I am selected for the program?
If I am not selected, can I reapply?
I’m a homeowner facing foreclosure. Can you help?
I’m a renter. Are there other programs that can help me?
What if I am selected but my landlord does not respond to the City or is not willing to agree to the City’s terms?
Are there income guidelines?
I usually get paid in cash. How can I report my income to qualify for the program?
What if I lost my income before COVID-19 or my income loss is unrelated to COVID-19?
The application information says that I am not eligible if I live in a State assisted building. How will I know?
I have more questions, who can I contact?