Castle Street Bundle


Status: For Sale
Property Type:

Vacant Lots

1900-1924 N. Chester (13 lots)

1901-1927 N. Castle (14 lots)

2025 E. 20th st (1 lot)

Current Zoning: R-8
Lot Size: 27,000 sq. ft. (estimated)
Neighborhood: South Clifton Park
Zip Code: 21213

The Castle Street Bundle, comprised of 48 vacant city-owned lots, is located at 1900-1924 N. Castle Street; 1901-1927 N. Chester; and 2025 E. 20th Street in the South Clifton Park neighborhood just north of Broadway East.  This historic district is primarily an urban residential area bordered by one of the city's largest public parks, Clifton Park. The park and newly renovated community center offer neighbors and the surrounding community a golf course, baseball fields, tennis courts, and a public pool.

South Clifton Park also features the new 21st Century Harford Heights Elementary School, a 144,290 square-foot building scheduled to open for students in 2021. Twenty-First Century is committed to revitalizing the neighborhood. Additionally, the Baltimore City Planning Department INSPIRE program is focusing on improving the environment and quality of life immediately surrounding Harford Heights Elementary.

The neighborhood is served by primary and secondary streets that were extensions of platted streets of Fells Point. This historic district exhibits the “charm” of Baltimore City where the rowhouses cohesively face the streets with the architectural precision of steps and stoops as the unified streetscape. Living in South Clifton Park offers residents an urban suburban-mix feel, and most residents rent their homes. 

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