New Vacant Property Signage Helps Identify Owner Information

Baltimore, MD – The Baltimore City Department of Housing & Community Development (DHCD) has begun implementing City Council Bill 19-0429, which requires posting signage on vacant buildings providing information to identify the owners of vacant properties.

The signage features a QR Code, that when scanned, directs users to DHCD’s Vacant Property Resources and Information Page. Along with development plans, active notices, and permits searches, the public can access the Agency’s Property-Owner Information portal for information about a vacant building that includes the owner or responsible agent’s name, address, phone number, and email contact if available.

“I am excited to see the rollout of this program. This will go a long way in helping our communities to fight and eliminate blight,” said City Council Member Kristerfer Burnett.   “It brings about greater transparency and accountability of those property owners who contribute to the deteriorating conditions of properties across Baltimore. This is an exciting step forward.” 

Currently, the city has approximately 15,600 vacant properties.  Only about 1,350 are City-owned, typically acquired through negotiated purchase, condemnation, or tax-sale foreclosures.  The City utilizes a combination of tools to address vacant structures, including code enforcement, receivership, acquisition, demolition, an open-bid program, and strategic neighborhood development projects.

“Baltimore City has a vacant building challenge that must be addressed using every tool available, and we are pleased to begin using this tool to hold property owners accountable,” stated Acting Housing Commissioner Alice Kennedy

Along with scanning the QR Code and accessing the website, the public can also obtain information by calling call 410-396-0896 for information.


Vacant Property Signage

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