CELS: More About Us

District Assignments

The Code Enforcement Legal Section is comprised of attorneys assigned to each of the Housing Inspection Districts. The boundaries of those nine area offices are coterminous with the nine planning districts in Baltimore City.

Assistant Commissioner
Jason Hessler

Deputy Assistant Commissioner
Kathleen Byrne

Property Based Crime Solutions
Robert Durocher, Jr.

Central District
Eileen Murphy

Southeastern District
Ilya Altman

Eastern District
Evan Helfrich

Northeastern District
Doris Weil

Northern District
Kent Grasso

Northwestern District
Blair Griffith

Western District
James Phillips-Farley

Southwestern District
Paul O'Malley

Southern District
Shea Beitler-Akman

Housing Court

All these matters are heard in the Housing Court, a specially designated part of the District Court of Maryland for Baltimore City. Housing Court is the only part of the District Court that hears civil and criminal actions interchangeably. The Court on Wednesday morning and afternoons at 501 E Fayette Street.

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